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Acerola - The Ultimate Plant-Based Vitamin C Source

Acerola cherries are renowned as one of the most concentrated natural sources of immune-supporting vitamin C. Thanks to their exceptionally high antioxidant content, acerola is gaining popularity as a superfruit supplement ingredient.

Discover how harnessing the power of acerola can enhance your daily vitamin C intake.

Why Choose Acerola Supplements?

Supplements utilising acerola offer vitamin C in its purest, most bioavailable natural form. Acerola provides vitamin C in the form most readily used by our bodies compared to synthetic ascorbic acid.

As a plant-derived source, acerola vitamin C also supplies antioxidant carotenoids for added immune protection.

Research shows acerola’s nutrient matrix enhances the overall positive impact compared to vitamin C alone. So you get greater overall health benefits.

 Acerola Supplement Range

Gelpro Raw Native C

Provide your body with whole food vitamin C derived right from acerola fruit. This potent formula also includes protective bioflavonoids.

  • 100% plant-based vitamin C
  • Acerola cherries + rosehips + Bioflavonoids
  • Supports immunity + collagen health
  • Gluten free, Vegan

$53.95 - BUY NOW

Green Nutritionals Organic Green Vitamin C

Get your vitamin C from certified organic sources including acerola and amla berry. Combined with cleansing greens and adaptogens for full-body protection.

  • 100% plant-based vitamin C and antioxidants
  • Acerola + amla berry + wheatgrass + pine bark extracts
  • Supports immunity, vitality and wellbeing
  • Certified Organic, Gluten free, Vegan

$28.95 - $53.95 - BUY NOW

Vitus Vitamin C + Bioflavonoids

This premium wholefood C supplement harnesses the synergy of three antioxidant superfruits - acerola, camu camu and amla berry. Protect your cells with plant power!

  • Natural vitamin C + protective bioflavonoids
  • Acerola + camu camu + amla berry
  • Immunity + energy + skin support
  • Gluten free, Vegan

$36.95 - $63.95 - BUY NOW

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of taking an acerola supplement?

Acerola supplements provide exceptionally high levels of natural vitamin C for immune support, collagen production, iron absorption, and slowing aging caused by free radical damage. They also supply antioxidant carotenoids.

What is the recommended daily dosage?

For general immune support, a supplement providing 500-1000mg of acerola-derived vitamin C per day is adequate for most adults. Those with very poor diets or increased vitamin C needs may benefit from higher potencies. As too much can cause stomach upset, do not exceed 2000mg vitamin C daily unless medically advised.

When is the best time to take acerola vitamin C?

For optimum absorption, take your acerola supplement with food. Splitting your dosage into equal portions morning and night is ideal for keeping vitamin C circulating in your body throughout the day.

Can you take too much acerola vitamin C?

Yes, taking above 2000mg total vitamin C daily long-term can increase risk of kidney stones and other side effects. Stick within the recommended dosage range on your specific supplement.

Are there any side effects or interactions?

Acerola and vitamin C supplements are generally well tolerated when used appropriately. However, high doses may interact with some chemotherapy drugs. Large amounts can also alter urine drug screen tests. Check with your health professional before taking acerola supplements.

Can children take acerola cherry supplements?

Acerola can be safely used in children’s multivitamin formulas. However, dosages designed for adults may be too high. Consult your pediatrician before giving any supplements to kids.

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